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Sion, October 1st, 2010

David Masson,  Managing Director and Halldor Hafsteinsson, Director Finance and Business Development  have as of October 1st 2010 left Avion Aircraft Trading H.F.  to pursue their own interests.  Along with Gardar Forberg, ex CEO of Smartlynx Airlines,  they have formed a new company , Avion Capital Partners S.A..  The company will primarily focus on developing new business and providing a range of management and consultancy services in various sectors of the aviation industry, including asset management and lease and purchase negotiations. David Masson commented that he is very excited about the new venture and that he is confident that the accumulated partners' experience of over 50 years in various sectors of our industry, will prove to be a great foundation for a succesful company.

 Avion Capital Partners is headquartered in Sion, Switzerland.


For more info please contact David Masson at david@acp.aero phone number +41 79 651 59 32 or

Gardar Forberg at gardar@acp.aero phone number +41 79 917 69 61